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Legal Notices Regarding Website

Disclosures required by § 25 Austrian Media Act:

Company name: Regionalentwicklungsverein Leiser Berge
Postal address: Hauptplatz 1
ZIP/Town: 2115 Ernstbrunn
Tel: +43 2576 20 341

ZVR-Zahl des Regionalentwicklungsvereins „Leiser Berge”: 979879799

Links to the General Terms and Conditions of Business if they exist: There are no general terms and conditions of business in this case.

Place of business of the media owner and publisher: Ernstbrunn, Austria

Purpose for which the company was founded: To act as an information and service organization for customers and the interested public in order to promote and develop activities at Leiser Berge Nature Park.

Basic line of the website: The website of Leiser Berge Nature Park is set up as an open Internet portal for promoting and developing activities at Leiser Berge Nature Park.

Liability: Despite careful research, no guarantee is given and no liability is accepted for the content published on this website and for the programming of the technical services. No liability is accepted for the content of any links leading to sites outside the information on these outside websites is the responsibility of the respective service provider in each case. (As of: November 2021)

Managing director: Julia Friedlmayer

Chairman: Bürgermeister Horst Gangl